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  • Best Practices for Living a Life of Gratitude

    Posted on 08 December 2018 // by techsupport

    “I opened two gifts today, they were my eyes.” -Zig Ziglar It is scientifically proven that waking up in the morning and listing what you are grateful for will positively impact your day. I think we can all buy into this, but without understanding what gratitude is, many of us...

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  • Managing Mental Illness through Natural Remedies

    Posted on 24 October 2017 // by techsupport

    For untold centuries, humans have relied on the food supply as a source of energy, health, and connection. However, in the last six or seven decades, changes in the food supply (and in how we use it) have contributed strongly to the growing epidemic of chronic disease. Hippocrates stated, “Let...

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