Natural Healing Center


What Do We Do?

We help you to feel better naturally.


A Whole Body, Holistic Approach

Real pain requires real solutions—and that means getting to the root of your health issues. After assessing your body’s individualized triggers and stressors, we use proven holistic testing and treatments to help you heal from the inside, out. By side-stepping the drawn-out, invasive and often ineffective quick fixes of Western medicine, our team provides natural, customized protocols that allow you to experience what true health looks and feels like.


Sustainable Health

With simple to follow steps and time-tested approaches to treatment, we focus on full body healing for long-term results. This includes addressing internal inflammation and sensitivities that are often the culprit of chronic pain, digestive issues, anxiety, headaches, poor sleeping/ fatigue and skin irritations. Through a personalized plan of whole foods, detoxification, body work and mindset strengthening, you’ll feel ready to take on the world—and WIN!



Our Practice Specializes In:

Your healing tomorrow depends on your actions today.
Discover how our team can help relieve most of your symptoms by treating the root of the problem naturally.


Dimitre M

06/28/2022  UPDATED REVIEW From cancer to much better life…! This is my third review of the Natural Healing Center in Newport Beach, California. I have been a client (patient) since September 2021. Everything started with an unfortunate bladder cancer diagnosis in June 2021. After the surgery I was recommended immunotherapy treatment to decrease chances of…

Kellie M.

My anxiety level before starting emotion coding was a solid 9.  After just two months, my anxiety level has dropped to about a 2 and I feel like a completely different person. My blood pressure has dropped and I just feel so much more at peace – especially driving long distances which is just huge…

Gautam Mulchandani

Trish is incredible. She was able to zero in on what needed to be cleared and quite honestly, she has moved heaviness that I have experienced for my entire life! I feel I can breathe. Moreover, I’m not self-sabotaging my self. I’m falling into self acceptance and love and making steps to move forward! Thanks…

J. Shaw

Joelle and her Emotion Code therapy are both nothing short of amazing. Joelle is so kind and wise beyond her years and such a joy to work with! Her therapy has changed my life for the better so significantly in a very short 6 months. I am more effective at my job now than ever…

Rosalie Roder

I have been going to Dr. Shannon for a while now. Her office is like a haven of good energy. She is a very caring practitioner and knows what she is doing. I was so close to death when I first came to see her and she saved me and she continues to guide my…

Dimitre M.

This is not my first review of the Natural Healing Center in Newport Beach, California. I have been a client (patient) since September 2021. After an unfortunate bladder cancer diagnosis in June 2021, I underwent a procedure to remove the tumor, and I certainly appreciate the excellent work of my urologist and the whole team…

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