Natural Healing Center


What Do We Do?

We help you to feel better naturally.


A Whole Body, Holistic Approach

Real pain requires real solutions—and that means getting to the root of your health issues. After assessing your body’s individualized triggers and stressors, we use proven holistic testing and treatments to help you heal from the inside, out. By side-stepping the drawn-out, invasive and often ineffective quick fixes of Western medicine, our team provides natural, customized protocols that allow you to experience what true health looks and feels like.


Sustainable Health

With simple to follow steps and time-tested approaches to treatment, we focus on full body healing for long-term results. This includes addressing internal inflammation and sensitivities that are often the culprit of chronic pain, digestive issues, anxiety, headaches, poor sleeping/ fatigue and skin irritations. Through a personalized plan of whole foods, detoxification, body work and mindset strengthening, you’ll feel ready to take on the world—and WIN!



Our Practice Specializes In:

Your healing tomorrow depends on your actions today.
Discover how our team can help relieve most of your symptoms by treating the root of the problem naturally.


Sandra S.

I have been going to Natural Healing Center with Joann she is very patient and on point, plus she cares about my health, I been looking for someone like her who would take the time and listen to me and my body I never felt right till I met Joann she listened and understood what…

Maria G.

I survived a near death experience at the beginning of the year. My life changed completely. Although I was taking care of myself I still felt extremely fatigued, constant throbbing pain on my back, and debilitating menstrual cycle symptoms. I had come to terms that this was the way I was going to live the…

Aide C.

The Natural Healing Center is very professional and provides outstanding service, with real results. The staff is caring and personable. I have been amazed by the changes in my health and overall well being I have experienced. I have even gotten compliments on how refreshed and good my skin looks. Which was not a goal…

Colby M.

I was dealing with bad stomach aches, bloating, irregular bowel movements and awful sleep for years. I was tired of taking medication and finally started doing some research for myself on how to heal my gut. I came across Natural Healing Center and have been working with Joann for the last few months and already…

Kaylah C.

I found Natural Healing Center randomly after searching on google. I immediately read the reviews and went to their website to see more about what they offered, it was exactly what I was looking for. More of a ‘natural’ approach to helping your body, instead of going through the many blood work/Food Map diets and…

Liz D.

Meeting Shannon outside of Mothers Market was a divine appointment! My husband and I have an electric fatbike shop (Fat Bike Rentals / Fatbike HB) in Huntington Beach and she wanted to ride our bike and board. Afterwards, we spoke sports, health and God. I didn’t know she had a holistic practice. She gave me…

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