Natural Healing Center

About Us

We’re on a mission to make natural healing more accessible because we know first hand how it can literally change and save lives. Because that’s exactly what it did for us. 

Long before we opened the Natural Healing Center, we both suffered from debilitating health conditions. Even though Shannon was an avid athlete, she was always exhausted and battling severe back pain. In addition, her eyesight was deteriorating rapidly and severe brain fog made completing even the simplest of tasks extremely complicated. In the late ‘80s, Shannon’s mom passed away at a hospital where alternative treatments were not offered and Shannon knew she was being called to learn natural healing alternatives. She spent the next 10 years earning her accreditation as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and degree as a Naturopath* while developing her skills both in the United States and in China. In 1999, the Natural Healing Center of Orange County was born.

In 2000, Renee was running a $50 million dollar company, raising two small children, and fighting a painful, recurring condition her doctors couldn’t explain. She was advised to have surgery, which she did, but the symptoms returned. So she was advised to have surgery again, which she did, only for the symptoms to return again. And you guessed it, she was advised to have surgery for the third time. And she did. Shortly thereafter, she and Shannon met in a business course, and Shannon introduced Renee to the power of natural healing.  After heeding Shannon’s dietary counsel, Renee never fought her condition again. 

A few years later, a heart condition led Renee back to Shannon for additional insight. While Shannon relied on muscle testing to guide the recommendations she provided, Renee insisted on gathering scientific evidence alongside it. Her blood work mirrored the muscle testing results. And Renee had all of the evidence she needed to confirm, Shannon’s program worked. She continued to follow her recommendations, changing the food she ate and fed her family, along with the products they used on their bodies and to clean their home. And it didn’t take long before everyone in the family had more energy, strength, and immunity. Renee was hooked. 

In 2016, a job change led Renee to consider an offer Shannon had been making her for years: to join forces and make natural healing more accessible to everyone. Today, Shannon continues to care for clients while Renee primarily runs the business behind the scenes. Together, they’ve offered hope and healing to thousands of patients.  

Who We Serve

While we love serving everyone who needs help, the vast majority of our clients are women who have chronic pain and fatigue. Our services are frequently sought out by those suffering from symptoms related to digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune challenges, candida, etc.

We also work with athletes to optimize performance, reduce the risk of injury and heal old injuries. From acupressure to massage therapy to nutrition response testing and beyond, we offer a full spectrum of holistic healing services for athletes.

Families seek us out when needing holistic care for children, adults and their pets! We support every member of the family with whatever challenges they may be facing with a holistic approach that is individualized towards their needs.

Awarded “Doctor of the Future” by Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc., Shannon is a lifetime learner, who 30 years into her career, is still pursuing new healing knowledge on a daily basis. 

Our Beliefs

We believe natural healing should be the foundation and western medicine should be the alternative. God made our bodies to heal. If we give our bodies the proper nutrition, it will heal itself. We are committed to total body and health vitality through science-based, results-driven natural healing. 

Our Values

  • Healing the whole: mind, body, and soul
  • Food as medicine
  • Education 
  • Prevention 
  • Excellence

Our Vision

We’re dedicating our lives to healing people naturally across the United States via world-class Natural Healing Centers that offer an array of natural healing modalities. We look forward to serving you at our state-of-the-art natural healing center in Newport Beach, California. 

How We’re Different

When you’ve seen every specialist and “tried everything else” yet still struggle with crippling pain on a daily basis, it’s common to struggle with a sense of hopelessness. The good news? You don’t have to anymore. Our proprietary approach to whole body wellness is different in so many ways. Here are a few of our favorites:

We teach you how to use natural food as your medicine.

Western medicine is quick to pass out pills. The problem? They’re usually filled with toxic, man-made substances that often do as much harm as they do, good. Have you seen a television commercial for a prescription lately? Ever noticed more than half of it is warning you of all of the possible negative side effects? It’s alarming. And it should be.

Instead of subjecting you to treatments with terrifying side effects, we teach your body how to heal itself with medicinal foods—commonly known as whole foods or a plant-based diet.

The truth is, your body has everything it needs to heal. We teach you how to care for it holistically so it can serve you at the highest level.  

We have unique skills you won’t find elsewhere.

Our process is simple and non-invasive. We begin by testing your body using a highly effective, scientific means to uncover your body’s health priorities and specific needs. Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of client symptoms.

Our clinically proven methods provide the Practitioner with precise and immediate feedback – so precise that it can open the door to safe and lasting recovery, even where everything else has failed. 

The Practitioner can then provide you with an individualized plan personalized to your body’s specific needs.

We hold the Superhuman Protocol certification (combination of BEMER PEMF, Novothor Whole Body Red Light and Oxygen therapy) and we are experienced in countless healing modalities including therapeutic massage, muscle testing, acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine and so much more. 

We address the root cause of your pain.

In a world filled with ineffective, “quick fix treatments” that address symptoms and fail to create sustainable change, we address the root cause of disease and pain and design an individualized wellness plan for you specifically. For example, often, inflammation is at the root of chronic pain. While steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs are sometimes successful in providing short-term relief, they rarely (if ever) create the long-term solutions that give you your life back. At the Natural Healing Center, we consider the role your hormones, digestive health, immune function, nutritional values and genetics play in your overall health in addition to allergies, toxins, and more. We’re all about healing your body from the inside out and giving it what it needs to allow you to live an extraordinary, disease and pain-free life.

*A Naturopath is not a Doctor of Naturopathy licensed in the State of CA to provide licensed services in the healing arts.