Natural Healing Center
Renee Ascencio
CEO, Partner, ACN

As President of a $50M company, Renee was working 70+ hours per week, raising 2 small children and pursuing a Master’s degree. Her health took a beating and she found herself having 3 back-to-back surgeries. This realization brought her to her current journey, where she became super proactive and educated – questioning the experts for the sake of her health.

After 15 years, she has learned the importance of three things:

  • Mindset: Choosing a positive mindset is critical when choosing to value your health and life.
  • Nutrition: What foods to eat and how to fuel her body for energy and stave off illness.
  • Exercise: Types of exercise that most benefited her body.

This is more than setting a goal – it’s about developing a new and empowering lifestyle! Today Renee is empowered by the choices she’s made to take control of her health in a holistic fashion.

With an MBA from UC Irvine, she has a background in Appreciative Inquiry through the Westcoast Center for Positive Change along with several years of ongoing training and education.

Fun fact: You can find Renee tent camping most weekends and enjoying her rescue doxies – Sadie & Bentley.

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