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  • Immune System Health Pack $49.50

    Product : 13070 Content: 30 Packs Price: $49.50 Immune System Health Packs are designed to provide support in three convenient daily immune system supplement packs.* Excellent source of iron, zinc, copper, chromium, folate, iodine, and vitamins A, B6 and B12 and antioxidant vitamins C and EGood source of seleniumAt the suggested use of...

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  • Beat Your Allergies Kit $89.10

    If you find yourself frequently suffering from allergies and taking allergy medicine ongoingly, consider taking a different approach.  Give your body the natural support it needs and enjoy relief without harmful chemicals. Allerplex, with vitamin A, supports the body's ability to handle seasonal, environmental, and dietary challenges.  It supports the...

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  • Menopause Support Kit $169.95

    Tired of suffering with hot flashes?  Mood swings?  Weight gain?  Fatigue?  Dryness, wrinkling and thinning of skin? By bringing your hormones into balance, your body will normalize and the symptoms will disappear.  The following supplements support the endocrine system, bringing balance back. Symplex F supports the healthy function of the...

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  • Vanquish Flus and Viruses Kit $126.50

    This is a kit to have in your medicine cabinet!  Give your body what it needs to take care of flus and viruses:  Herbal Throat Spray Phytosynergist contains soothing herbs to support healthy throat tissue and mucous membranes. Thymex supports the thymus gland which is the master gland of the...

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  • Cold Conquering Kit $115.50

    Keep this in your medicine cabinet!  Stop a cold dead in its tracks at the onset of symptoms! When we feel a sore throat, cough or headache generally associated with a cold coming on, we take the following:  Congaplex supports a healthy immune system function and the thymus gland.  Antronex...

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