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Cold Conquering Kit $115.50

Keep this in your medicine cabinet!  Stop a cold dead in its tracks at the onset of symptoms! When we feel a sore throat, cough or headache generally associated with a cold coming on, we take the following:  Congaplex supports a healthy immune system function and the thymus gland.  Antronex supports the liver’s normal detoxification of histamines and drainage as well as the body’s natural immune system function.  Herbal Throat Spray Phytosynergist contains soothing herbs to support healthy throat tissue and mucous membranes. Echinacea-C supports the immune system and healthy white blood cells.  Finally, Chezyn is a balanced trace mineral complex of zinc, copper, and iron which encourages healthy cellular energy production, Supports proper enzyme functioning, normal blood production and immune system function.

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2915 Congaplex 90C
1110 Antronex 180T
M4465 Herbal Throat Spray 25ml
3875 Echinacea-C 90T
2175 Chezyn 90T

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Cold Conquering Kit
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