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  • Immune Defense Shield $191.40

    Your body’s natural defense to colds, flus and viruses, diseases, etc. lies in its immune system.  Your immune system is designed to ward these off naturally, Don’t wait to strengthen yours by giving it the nutrients it needs.  General Health Daily Fundamentals provide convenient foundational maintenance support:  Excellent source of...

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  • PMS Support Kit – We’ve Got Your Back $169.95

    Nature did not intend for one to experience painful cramps and PMS symptoms. When one is experiencing these, it is because the hormonal balance is off. A combination of herbs and nutrients supports the body to come back to hormonal balance, alleviating symptoms. Cramplex contains Corydalis Yanhusuo, Raspberry leaf, Wild...

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  • Sweet Dreams Sleep Kit $137.50

    Not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep is a symptom and points to areas in the body not functioning correctly. By addressing the root cause, the body is able to heal. We address a number of key components of sleep: Organically Bound Minerals support nervous system health. Tuna...

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  • Weight Loss Kit $107.80

    If you are the type of person that does not enjoy shakes, we recommend supplementing a Paleo diet with the following fat busters for weight loss:  Drenamin to support adrenal function and help maintain emotional balance; Zypan to aide in healthy digestion; Diaplex to support healthy sugar handling to help...

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  • 28 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit $278.85

    SP Detox Balance Chai 28-day program supports whole body detoxification which is an effective program for weight loss. As toxins are released, the body will “let go” of fat it was holding onto for protection from the toxins. This is an easy, yet effective program that allows you to eat...

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