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Client Success Stories

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Every day we help people lead healthier lives and realize the benefits of a balanced health-full lifestyle. Working together, we can help you reach optimal health. Here are some of our client success stories that cover the different areas of our practice.

The staff at Dr. Shannon’s office are always friendly, courteous and understanding of her patients’ current health symptoms. They will collect all of a patient’s symptoms and dieting habits while she administers holistic body analysis and recommends treatment options for anything from back and joint pains, sinus infections to topical scars that can tamper with the body’s energy levels and its natural ability to heal. I highly recommend Dr. Shannon’s approach to treatment and recommend her staff for their team effort commitment to her patients. A+ holistic healthcare!

Jonathan W.

To Shannon Eggleston and all staff members: I am extremely satisfied with the treatment and attention received in the past year and 2 months at Natural Healing Center. My blood sugar has improved so has my cholesterol and weight reduced considerably. Thank you so much.

Sylvia M.

My 13 year old cat Angel suffers from very severe arthritis. BEMER has taken her from barely able to walk as she was soon stiff (it was awful) to her playful self. She jumps now, runs up stairs, rolls around, she’s the happiest she’s been in years. She hunts bugs and chases birds. It’s a miracle compared to where she was a year ago. The Bemer has been the best thing I’ve ever bought.

Dr. Melissa G.

I have used Natural Healing Center for various therapies over the years. I will tell you this- if you follow the recommendations, you will definitely get results (including rubbing your scars). I have regularly come in for nutrition, maintenance, and a couple parasite cleanses that aided in much needed weight loss. I had even once been cleared from a chronic virus as a result of Dr. Shannon’s protocol as well (it has never come back in over 5 years). I have met weight loss goals at times, as well as tackled past workout pain from using the Bemer (I highly recommend this technology). The Bemer is something I regularly come in for to aid in recovery, as well as sleep. Overall, this is a very high-quality clinic. Dr. Shannon is always doing her best and trying to find ways to improve her practice and efficiency. I highly recommend this center. Follow her recommendations!

Jamie H.

Growing up my mom took me to see Shannon and for whatever reason I stopped going for years, but decided to go back to her after giving up on the medical route. My symptoms were similar to IBS symptoms (what the dr. Thought), And the first session back with Shannon, right away she was able to tell me what my body had been trying to tell me for years, what was wrong with it (the medical doctor route, just gave me meds to mask the symptoms instead of finding the root cause) she told me everything I needed to avoid eating along with giving me some supplements that have been helping my body heal!! Without having to do an elimination diet that my medical doctor suggested- that would of taken 10x as long! Another one of my issues was my thyroid, my symptoms were cold hands/ feet 24/7 and lots of anxiety! She told me about this one supplement (thyroid stem cells) and it definitely was an investment, but a one time investment that would actually cure my thyroid and so I would not be able to pass it down my children either. It was an investment that I was willing to do! And literally the first day I took it In the morning, 15 minutes after taking it I could notice the difference of how calm my mind was because I had not noticed it being like that in the morning in a looong time and that first day gave me so much hope for the rest of the two months because I know that if one day has this effect I can only imagine how I’m going to feel once I’m finished! In less than one month on the thyroid supplement, Shannon confirmed that my thyroid was 50% healed! Which was awesome news to know it’s working as it should! And right now I’m about a week away from finishing the 2 month supply and I have been noticing my body temperature normalizing, where In the past in some instances I would be shivering freezing my ass off and now I’m noticing I don’t need as many layers as I used too to feel comfortable and when I am cold it’s not as much of an extreme! Thank you Shannon!

Joelle G.

Great experience. I utilized the Bemer and NovaThor to support my sports involvement and workouts. I left pain free after arriving with sore muscles. Everyone is very welcoming and professional. I highly recommend Natural Healing; I’ve been a client for 10 years.

Becky E.