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Every day we help people lead healthier lives and realize the benefits of a balanced health-full lifestyle. Working together, we can help you reach optimal health. Here are some of our client success stories that cover the different areas of our practice.

Two years ago I broke my left shoulder and I still have issues with it. I heard about the Bemer from a friend and had a few treatments on her mat. I, also, did one session of the Novothor Red Light Therapy and have done other red light therapy treatments in the past. I researched Bemer and the Novothor Red Light Bed and was impressed by the technology of both. The testimonials and the things both can do for your overall health, skin, joints, muscles, aches and pains, circulation, blood cells and more. I then went to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Natural Healing Center and was introduced to the Super Human Protocol system. This includes 7-15 minutes on the Bemer, cycling exercise while inhaling Oxygen with sprint intervals and 15 minutes in the Novothor Bed. It was explained to me how they each worked separately and the benefits and by combining the 3 together you would get optimal results for overall health. I thought this could be the answer to helping my shoulder aches and pains and mobility and also, of course, I am always looking for something to improve my skin and wrinkles. Although I really have no other aches and pains or health concerns I believe in preventive medicine and the Super Human Protocal seems like the perfect thing to do maintain my overall health, energy and skin at the best possible level. I am in the second month of my therapy and my shoulder aches and pains are definitely subsided and mobility is returning. My monitoring of numbers on the cycling have gone to the max I should reach showing I am getting stronger. I bicycle alot and there is this one hill that leaves me a little winded, but now I ride up with ease. After my sessions with Bemer, Oxygen cycling, and Novothor I have a very relaxed feeling and also feel energize at the same time. The staff is wonderful, always smiling, friendly, informative and helpful.

Joyce B.

“Our body has the full potential to fully repair itself when given the right nutrients and protocol. After 2 decades of applying alternative measures and therapies I have found a home for continued abundant health at the age of 75 at Natural Healing Center.  One of my favorite modalities is the Novothor. It’s a 15 min light bed that takes back your health. With my spinal stenosis I have functional improvements and improved range of motion. All therapies at the Natural Healing Center with Shannon Eggleston provide healing restorative measures.”

Michelle J.

Shannon you are a hidden gem! I am so happy and grateful to have been referred to you. I knew using the body testing methods you use to create a natural and tailored treatment plan was right up my alley. I have been frustrated for years not knowing why I (an RN and avid health and nutrition enthusiast) had a huge deficit in energy. I couldn’t rationally legitimize my fatigue and overall depressed, lack-luster state of health. By traditional medical standards I was healthy. I am so appreciative that you helped me at the pit of my despair. I couldn’t eat!!! I had horrible intestinal  pain and spasms. I was really at a loss and didn’t know how to help myself. To get to the point I am very pleased to learn about the imbalances I was unknowingly subjecting my body to. The metal from my belly ring was disrupting the energetic health of 9 different organs. Unbelievable. My metal underwire bra was not helping. As a woman, the cost of my hormone balance was so not worth it. I have learned the importance of allowing the demands of the human body to circulate energy for health and balance. I honor this now and no longer take this demand for granted. For me this was correlated to the multiple food intolerance and under active thyroid Shannon identified. Giving my body the nutrients it was deficient in with supplements and getting rid of the metal I had been wearing for years made me feel like a million bucks :0) It was also absolutely necessary to avoid certain food as I was healing my stomach and intestines. I had forgotten what it feels like to feel vivacious and abundant in energy. I love that you showed me how to eat right for me and only me. Thank you. #Losethemetal !!

Leslie M.

Shannon Eggleston is a very compassionate healer with deep knowledge about the physical and energetic body. I came to her with a painful gall bladder and migraine headaches. Traditional doctors recommended surgery and drugs. She changed my diet, and added supplements according to my body’s needs. Today, my gall bladder works fine, I don’t have migraines any more, and I have maintained my ideal weight!

Alice L.

I was at my wits end. Literally. I had just had a traumatic surgery and was told in recovery that this would be one of many.
I saw Dr Shannon and took the steps to heal my body. This is year 10 with no surgery in sight!  Go with an open mind and listen!

Sarah W.

This place is great. I have young children and I was looking for more energy, weight loss and an overall healthy life style for my family and I. I’ve lost 10 lbs and are on my way to another 10. The support is great and most importantly they meet you where you are at.

Yesica M.