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Veggie Stir Fry with Tahini Sauce

19 September 2017 // comments: 0

Personal Chef Linda Crawford demonstrated this light and healthy dish during our Sept 14th cooking demonstration workshop. The Tahini and sesame oil add an Asian flavor.  Make as a side dish or add chicken or turkey for an entrée.

½ cup Broccoli
¼ cup Scallions
½ cup Mushrooms
½ cup Celery
¼ cup Chicken or Veggie Broth

Tahini Sauce:
2 tbsp Black Sesame Seed Oil
2 tbsp Coconut Aminos
2 tbsp Tahini
1 tsp Fish Sauce
Pinch Himalayan Salt

Optional Toppings:
Chopped Roasted Chicken pieces
Bamboo Shoots
Sesame Seeds

Using a wok or large frying pan heat to medium-high temperature. Pour your veggie or chicken broth in the pan to coat it for a minute, then add chopped veggies. Stir to coat the veggies for approx. 5 minutes. Season with a pinch of salt.

Add chicken and simmer for another 3-4 minutes, depending on how crisp you like your veggies. Serve with a sprinkle of either sesame seeds or bamboo shoots.