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Tyler B.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

I cannot sing Joann’s praises enough! Every check-in and opportunity I have to speak to her I remind her how grateful I am for her. I came to Natural Healing Center with severe GI issues, stress and anxiety, mood swings, fungal infections, and trouble concentrating. All my doctors told me I “looked fine.” (Wrong!) The tests and procedures they put me through only made my stress and anxiety worse – not to mention, not of those doctors were trauma-informed. Joann was the complete opposite. And – bonus! – she actually helped heal me!

Today I had a check in with Joann. On our first appointment, 18 organs showed stress in my body. Today, just 3 months later, zero organs show stress and I feel fantastic! I feel more vital, I can manage stress more easily, my relationships have improved dramatically, I can read my body’s signals with clarity, and I lost 15 lbs and 3″ on my waist.

Make the investment and go see Joann at Natural Healing Center. You can tell her I sent you.

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