Natural Healing Center

Trisha V.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

I recently developed eczema on my inner elbows and behind my knees. I knew it was because of my eating habits and stress, but I didn’t know how to overcome it and heal my body. I was introduced to Joann Do from a good friend of mine. Joann is amazing and an extremely knowledgable practitioner. I was hesitant at first to trust the process being that this was my first time at a Natural Healing Center, but everything she advised and recommended all made sense for the greater good of my health. After just a few months of following her meal plan, adjusting to cleaner eating, and taking my supplements, my skin drastically improved. The flaring up and eczema subsided and most days I don’t even itch anymore. In the rare instances that I start to itch, I can now easily identify what foods or stress caused it. Joann has been a great guiding hand and major support. I highly recommend seeing her and coming in for a consultation if you are in need of healing.