Natural Healing Center

Stephanie P.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

Shannon is a compassionate naturopath that cares about her patients… The novathor is incredibly relaxing…my first visit was the novathor and foot bath due to some allergies I was having at my job .I noticed upon return I was less sensitive to the allergens in the air.
I had some digestive issues that improved upon seeing Shannon…it took quite some time but in the beginning I was testing very high for the amount of a certain supplement but that number has greatly reduced and my digestive system works better then it did when I first came
Everyone is different when it comes to the amount of time it takes…
The eating program in the beginning is very almost like a no sugar or starch low carb plan with lots of green veggies, lean meats, nuts and seeds.. as you improve, you slowly phase back in to other foods….I can’t speak for everyone’s plan but that was my plan due to some intestinal issues I had..your plan may look different, I cannot speak for others…but I can say Shannon is a kind hearted, patient woman that will work with you through any challenges that might come up.

Being a person of faith, finding someone who loves the Lord was a plus…she truly loves what she does and loves her patients…