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Rebecca R.

27 January 2022 // comments: 0

Thank you for the several treatments of releasing the sorrow, stress, and strain of emotions from my heart wall.  I would never have imaged the difference I feel and the release to absolutely feel free from so many pressures!  I now have a feeling of joy and lightness I do not remember feeling before.

The first treatment was so dramatic in that I was so overwhelmed with sorrow at the loss of my dearly loved cat.  And the many trapped emotions within my heart wall that were released.  I felt so light and set free!  I felt the change almost immediately.

I kept looking for the same feelings after each treatment that was needed, but instead my body needed to process the release.  After the time needed for me to process the releases, I had a lighter feeling within my emotions of my heart.

I find I do not have the pressure of undue guilt that was not mine to own – Gone!

The frustration of unknown feelings that I couldn’t shake – Gone!

Sorrow which game me exhaustion of heart – Gone!

I find I look forward to see what my next Pacemaker check will show!  I have hope my heart will not use it as often as before!

So with all my heart and mind I thank you for the layers of blocks in my heart wall that you released!

You have been a God send and answer to many prayers!

Thank you sweet lady!