Natural Healing Center

Meghan B.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

I went to Natural Healing center after seeing my regular doctor several times for not feeling normal after having a baby. At 10 PP months my doctor told me they wouldn’t test for abnormal hormones until a year PP which to me makes no sense. Finally I decided to go an alternative route and I wish I would have from the beginning. After giving birth about 2 months in I started having really bad headaches, brain fog, and just always feeling almost as if I was really hungover all the time even though I wasn’t drinking. I would get terrible vertigo and no matter what I did or how healthy I ate or what I cut out it wouldn’t go away. After 1 week of seeing Joann my headaches and all the brain fog completely went away. I’ve been on her recommended program for almost 2 months now and I’m 100% confident it’s because of the program I’m feeling back to myself again and my hormones have regulated.