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Maria G.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

I survived a near death experience at the beginning of the year. My life changed completely. Although I was taking care of myself I still felt extremely fatigued, constant throbbing pain on my back, and debilitating menstrual cycle symptoms. I had come to terms that this was the way I was going to live the rest of my life. My daughter urged me to have a consultation at the Natural Healing Center. I am beyond grateful I took the opportunity. Joann is so sweet and attentive. I felt seen and heard. She validated what I felt and took time to find the supplements and exercises that would help my body heal. Within weeks, the pain disappeared. I had more energy, and had profound rejuvenating sleep. Menstrual cycle are for the not part painless. Hallelujah! I haven’t felt this well in my body in years! I know it’s only going to get better as I continue on my treatment.

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