Natural Healing Center

Anne-Marie N.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

I have had years of struggling with pain, dizziness, sudden fatigue and more recently accumulating food sensitivities. I’ve been to the ER and have seen numerous doctors and specialists. None of them believed anything could be wrong. By the basic numbers and on paper, I’m perfectly healthy, yet I didn’t feel healthy no matter how hard I tried or how many things I eliminated… caffeine, gluten, and tons of individual foods. By all definition, it didn’t make sense. I spent years eliminating things, to the point that my nails, hair and skin were visibly changing – and not in a good way. This impacted my emotional health too. I’m happy to report after working with Joann for about two months I’m feeling much better and am making progress to my actual goals of healing. I truly believe that this will also allow me to add back in foods to my diet that I thought I’d spend the rest of my life avoiding. I’m learning so much. If you’ve tried drs and not gotten the help you were looking for, this could end your frustrations and get real support with a natural path forward. Highly recommend.