Natural Healing Center

Dimitre M.

01 February 2022 // comments: 0

This is not my first review of the Natural Healing Center in Newport Beach, California. I have been a client (patient) since September 2021. After an unfortunate bladder cancer diagnosis in June 2021, I underwent a procedure to remove the tumor, and I certainly appreciate the excellent work of my urologist and the whole team of doctors, nurses and medical professionals who assisted during the procedure. The general recommendation after the surgery was to continue with follow up treatments to decrease reoccurring chances. In my mind chemo and radiation were non-starters, but I was offered immunotherapy. Initially, I was going for it. Even had an appointment for the first treatment. However, a little hick-up with my insurance gave me a few more days for extra research and a chance to better understand the upcoming treatment, potential consequences, and eventually search for alternative options. This is when I discovered the Natural Healing Center. After a very thorough exam and testing I selected Dr. Shannon’s proposed treatment program over the immunotherapy I was offered. I have been following the recommendations as close as I could. Don’t get me wrong, I had to adopt some rather strong lifestyle changes. I can see how in another situation this might seem difficult but didn’t bother me much. I simply had to make a choice: 88% chance to be around in 2 years (dropping down quite a bit for the period of 5 years) or going into the realm of naturopathy and potentially eliminating the problem once and for all. About the 4-month mark since I started working with Dr. Shannon, I went into the second phase of the treatment plan. At that point I took a rather detailed thermal imaging check and last week we went over the images and findings from the scan. There was nothing mentioned about any issues in the bladder area. Everything seemed to be clear. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Considering that Dr. Shannon’s treatment program addressed many other issues, some of which I wasn’t aware of, some I was just ignoring or assigned them to aging and didn’t pay attention to them anymore. Most of them (if not all) are gone! The pains and aches which I was contributing to just getting older, often trips to the bathroom, poor sleep at night, slow start in the morning, the need of extra cup of coffee late afternoon, constant fatigue… All gone! My wife went into it initially just for solidarity, but the positive changes were amazing. She was starting her morning with a daily sneezing attack. Just in a month or two her allergies were pretty much nonexistent. My daughter is now off her allergy medication for which she was doing liver screening to make sure the damage is acceptable (!?!) I would absolutely recommend the Natural Healing Center to anyone for any issues, big or small. They most likely will be able to help you. Call them today and ask about the One Day Nutrition Response Testing Seminar on Saturday, February 5th. You will learn a lot about how it is done. It certainly worked for myself, and my family and I look forward to continuing working with them.