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Teen Mental Health: Emotion Code & Telehealth

18 November 2022 // comments: 0

Teens today are under more stress and pressure than ever before. Even when they live in a supportive, loving home, adolescents cope with academic demands, social anxieties, and worries about world issues that they are old enough to comprehend but which are beyond their control. Even when your child can’t articulate what’s affecting their mental health or is so shut down they don’t want to talk about it, the symptoms they suffer tell the story.

What are some of the signs we see in teens struggling with their mental health?

Giving up activities they once loved or taking no joy in them. Feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Disconnecting from family and friends. Withdrawing from social activity. Avoidance of new or challenging situations. Recurring fears about routine parts of ordinary life. Extreme emotional reactions and volatile mood changes. A distorted self-image. Irritability. Trouble concentrating. Extreme self-consciousness and sensitivity to criticism. Physical symptoms like sleep problems or chronic headaches and stomachaches. Self-harm or cutting.

When your child is suffering, the entire family suffers with them. Parents throw every resource into trying to find solutions. Unfortunately, too many families have found that getting help for their teenagers battling depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders isn’t quick or easy.

The Crisis in Mental Healthcare

Therapy is an important part of processing negative feelings and developing healthier patterns of thoughts and behaviors, but since the COVID-19 pandemic therapists have been inundated with more new patients than they can handle. This shortage of qualified professionals means that desperate parents looking for help for their troubled teens are running into wait lists that can be months long to even get an initial appointment.

Anybody who’s lived through the anguish of trying to support a child in the grips of mental health or behavioral issues knows that you can’t wait for months to try to find an answer. Their difficulties throw the entire family into turmoil, affecting parents and siblings as well as themselves. The child may be prescribed medication as an immediate way to respond to their symptoms, and in this situation, it’s no wonder that many parents grasp at any assistance they can get.

If you’ve reached the limit of what traditional medicine and the overburdened mental healthcare system can provide for your child, natural healing modalities like Emotion Code can give you options beyond medication to provide a much-needed path to wellness now, wherever you are.

How Emotion Code Can Help

It’s natural to be uneasy about what medication could potentially do to your child’s developing brain or to dislike the idea of them being dependent on medication to maintain their mental well-being. Just as importantly, you want to get to the source of what’s causing harmful mental and physical symptoms so your child can be whole and happy again. Emotion Code is a powerful therapy that can provide a natural, accessible alternative to get your child back on the road to wellness without pharmaceuticals.

Emotion Code works by ridding the body of hidden trapped emotions that negatively affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Especially in the last few years, teens have gone through intense, challenging times they haven’t been equipped to process or deal with, and the effects of those experiences linger. Our certified Emotion Code practitioners use muscle testing to quickly identify and release hidden trapped emotions to remove their harmful effects on the mind and body. Unlike talk therapy, it’s not necessary to relive past trauma or discuss painful memories to obtain relief.

Emotion Code is safe, noninvasive, and can be performed in minutes. Appointments can be scheduled via telehealth, making it easily available no matter where you’re located. No more long drives to specialists located hours away, or frustrating waits for scarce openings in a therapist’s schedule. The Natural Healing Center is here to help your child reclaim the balanced mental and physical health that should be theirs.

If you’re ready to schedule an Emotion Code consultation via telehealth, contact the Natural Healing Center here. Positive change for your child, and your family, is within reach.