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Joelle Carrera
Back Office Coordinator

Growing up, Joelle’s mom would take her to see Shannon so you could say she is a second generation or “legacy” client. As she got older and after not seeing Shannon for some time, she developed pain and symptoms that her medical doctor deemed as “IBS.” After resuming Nutrition Response Testing with Shannon, Joelle learned so much about what her body had been trying to tell her for years. With whole food supplements and asking her body what it needed, Joelle began the journey to heal from the inside out and find the root cause of her pain and not just simply “mask” the symptoms. Joelle and her husband, Jimmy, are both current clients of Shannon’s and are dedicated to healing their bodies and continuing a life of good health.

Joelle is an artist at heart, with a talent in oil painting and drawing. She also stays active with hiking, yoga and roller-blading.

Not only does Joelle have an artist’s heart but also an Advocate’s heart. Here at the Natural Healing Center, Joelle walks beside our clients. She is an amazing cook and comes up with delicious and creative recipes that cater to the phases of our health improvement program. She lends a compassionate hand and patient ear to aid in the progress of each client’s health journey.

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