Natural Healing Center
Joelle Carrera
Emotion Code Practitioner

Working in the position of Back Office Coordinator for several years, Joelle witnessed many miracles of healing. She noted how important it is to address the mind, body and soul for full healing. While most clients are able to achieve this while in our care, there are some that have emotions trapped within their bodies after having experienced a traumatic event that the body could not process at the time and therefore stored it away for the future.

Having been on a nutrition program for over three years with tremendous success, Joelle was still a bit perplexed as to why she still had some anxiety that would come and go and uncontrollable emotions that would just spill out. This prompted her to study Emotion Code and after releasing emotions from her past, she began experiencing remarkable improvement in this area. This prompted her to become and Emotion Code Practitioner. Today she has a full roster of clients that have experienced a release of various trapped emotions – childhood traumas, divorce, death, abandonment, abuse, etc.

Joelle is an artist at heart, with a talent in oil painting and drawing. She also stays active with hiking, yoga and roller-blading. Not only does Joelle have an artist’s heart, but she loves Jesus and has a compassionate heart for people and animals. She is also an amazing cook and comes up with delicious and creative recipes that cater to the phases of our health improvement program.

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