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Our process is simple and non-invasive. We begin by testing your body using effective, scientific means to uncover your body’s health priorities and specific needs. Our clinically proven methods provide the practitioner precise and immediate feedback, allowing our team to provide an individualized plan personalized to your body’s specific needs in the same visit. We use whole foods, clinical detoxification of the body, hands-on-structural work, and emotional clearing methods to detoxify, balance and strengthen your body for continued excellent health.

Most symptoms can be alleviated naturally: stabbing pains, stomach aches, migraines, backaches, muscle aches, anxiety, low libido, ear aches, puffiness, bloating, anxiety, acid reflux, allergies, hormone imbalance, weight problems, poor sleep, rashes, eczema, arthritis, fatigue, etc.

Cathy & Kim
Cathy & Kim

I wanted improved vision and to get rid of my dry eyes so I could maybe wear contacts again. Not only are my eyes moist again and am wearing contacts but my Opthomalogist told me I needed a weaker prescription because my eyes had improved so much. Shannon really understands how to treat her clients’ medical issues.      Kim P.

Shannon helped me lose my last 10 lbs. After years of trying many plans, it was the diet for my health that Shannon offered, that did the trick!      Cathy M.                    

I was swimming a 6:30 500M, now I’m down to a 6:00!  I feel stronger and have more stamina and energy!     John B.                    

John (right) and family.
John (right) and family.