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Overcoming Asthma During COVID 19

Every year Hema suffers from allergies which lead to asthma, bronchitis then borderline pneumonia. Antibiotics and a steroid inhaler are the only things that have helped her to cope and breathe during this period. Because people with asthma are high risk for COVID 19, she called her doctor. The doctor recommended to absolutely stay at home and don’t go out – not even to the supermarket. The doctor increased her inhaler to a few puffs every 4 hours and recommended cough syrup with codeine to help her cough at night so she could sleep. After a phone consultation, Natural Healing Center recommended Standard Process Zinc, Allerplex, Echinecea and Zypan. Published studies show zinc blocks the replication of coronaviruses. The zinc, in conjunction with the other products, work together to strengthen the immune system and strengthen the lungs. After only 3 days, Hema couldn’t believe how much better she was feeling! No more inhaler and she can finally get the much needed sleep to keep her alert and functioning for her family and work!