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The Medical Medium – Is He Right?

26 April 2022 // comments: 0

When people are suffering from chronic medical conditions that haven’t responded to traditional treatments, it’s natural for them to search for other answers. Nobody wants to live with fatigue, pain, or other debilitating symptoms with no prospect of relief. The Medical Medium, Anthony William, is a popular author who promotes celery juice as a powerful healing remedy for everything from digestive issues, migraines, and skin conditions to fatigue, autoimmune problems, brain fog, and more. We’ve been asked about his celery juice regime and have some thoughts to share based on our lengthy experience with patients struggling with a wide variety of acute and chronic medical issues.

Questions to Ask Yourself

The Medical Medium cites the personal experience of the people who’ve tried his celery juice routine—at least 16 ounces of plain, fresh celery juice daily on an empty stomach—to illustrate its effectiveness in addressing all kinds of illnesses. Frankly, his contention that this natural juice produces results not seen from pharmaceuticals squares directly with one of our most deeply held beliefs, which is that nutrition is key to helping the body heal itself. However, the idea that celery juice is a one-size-fits-all cure for everything gives us pause.

It would be nice to think that there’s a simple answer for complex problems, but that’s rarely the case, especially for persistent medical issues. Here are the questions we would suggest you ask yourself regarding the celery juice routine (or any nutritional plan that relies almost solely on a single “miracle” food) when you’re deciding if it might benefit you:

Have you done Nutrition Response Testing? Many popular diets assume that everybody is suffering from the same nutritional deficits that can be fixed by consuming the same foods, beverages, or supplements. With NRT, we don’t have to guess. This noninvasive analysis pinpoints the underlying causes of your symptoms and allows us to create an individual plan personalized to your body’s specific needs.

If you tried celery juice, did it help? Maybe you’ve already tried taking celery juice in the doses specified by the Medical Medium. Did it produce all the improvement you were hoping for? If the answer is yes, great! You’ve found an answer that works for you. If not, though, what comes next?

What nutritional plan are you following? Even when you know good nutrition is essential to good health, it can be confusing to know how you should be eating. The hundreds of different voices advocating for various diets, often directly contradicting each other’s advice, make it difficult to know when you’re doing what’s right. And again, these diets don’t all work for everyone.

Are you stressed? Physical and mental health are an interdependent whole. To achieve wellness, you have to look at the entire picture and incorporate treatments that address both aspects of your well-being. Adjusting your nutrition alone may not be the entire solution.

Are you sleeping well? Like stress, a lack of restorative rest can negatively affect your physical and mental health. Solving sleep issues should be a priority when you’re trying to achieve lasting wellness.

Our practice has taught us that the causes of clients’ conditions are usually as unique as the clients themselves, which is why our process always starts with a thorough examination that considers each individual as a whole. We evaluate your nutrition, digestive health, immune function, hormones, genetics, and more to get to the source of your symptoms and create a plan designed to help you naturally achieve good physical and mental health and maintain it over the long term. Although many of our clients benefit from similar treatments and nutritional supplements, the exact combinations of therapies are chosen specifically to meet your health conditions and goals.

At the Natural Healing Center, we’re certainly fans of anything that encourages people to prioritize their own nutrition and wellness. But we’ve found that the best results are achieved with personalized advice and individually tailored programs. If you’ve tried a popular health remedy without getting the results you were hoping for, let us show you the true difference that holistic healing targeted to your needs can make. To schedule your free introductory consultation, contact us here.

The Medical Medium - Is He Right?
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The Medical Medium - Is He Right?
Does juicing celery really work? Are there health benefits? And how will it help with my pain? Here are some factors to consider before deciding if it might benefit you.
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