Natural Healing Center

Victoria V.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

Of course, like most of you, I was skeptical of the natural healing center and all of its capabilities…so I took to looking at reviews on yelp. When I tell you that the natural healing center has helped me tremendously in many ways I mean it. I struggle with P.O.T.S syndrome and have never felt in control of my body since I was first diagnosed. I can now say that my body is being listened to and it feels oh so good. Joann is patient, caring, smart, and really listens to me and takes the extra time to make sure I am always feeling my beet. I feel like a brand new person. My stomach pains, fatigue, brain fog, and the list continues…have all been cleared since attending the natural healing center regularly. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this place and my life has been impacted severely in the best way possible.

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