Natural Healing Center

Rosalie Roder

25 August 2022 // comments: 0

I have been going to Dr. Shannon for a while now. Her office is like a haven of good energy. She is a very caring practitioner and knows what she is doing. I was so close to death when I first came to see her and she saved me and she continues to guide my progress. It takes a body a long time to rebuild itself after the many things I went through, but she is patient and she makes sure she tells me what has gotten better and what is showing up to be handled now. And step by step I have climbed and climbed and I feel strength in my body sometimes that I even forgot what that felt like. I was to the point where I wasn’t even looking for strength, just not the wobbly weakness. I enjoy coming to her office. All around me I see people who look so much better than when I first met them there. Dr. Shannon Eggleston is a miracle for so many patients. She takes you at wherever your health level is and makes it better, even if you are already an athlete. He office is all about health and wellbeing, not sickness. No sickness stands a chance in that office.