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Rob C.

06 November 2019 // comments: 0

The cancer was notably gone in weeks!

I came to Natural Healing Center in March of 2017, 2 months after my regular physician diagnosed a quarter size hole in the middle of my back, as stage two melanoma skin cancer. They wanted $30,000 up front, to cut a hole the size of a softball in the middle of my back, and chemo and radiation. I chose to do none of that, and instead tried an alternative method of curing it with nutrition and supplements alone. Shannon gave me a whole new plan to attack my problem. The cancer was notably gone in weeks, and over a year later, 260 down to 186.5 pounds, 44 inch waist now 35 inch waist, blood pressure 110/70, no more gout/Uric acid, no cholesterol, no triglycerides, I feel like a new person, and will stay on this life style indefinitely. My old physician started to faint when she examined me, and saw there wasn’t even a scar on my back, it is completely gone.