Natural Healing Center

Montana B

27 September 2019 // comments: 0

I was referred by a friend, when I told her I wanted to lose some weight and wanted to feel better.  I have lost 13lbs in about 6 weeks, since I started with her and following her plan.  Education in proper nutrition really helped me.  Also learning about how some vegetables cannot be good for certain people and others are so beneficial, really helped me to know, what to stay away from, and others to eat in moderation.

Shannon is very knowledgeable and has a lot of patience and compassion. I appreciate all the time that she has taken with me to explain and encourage me in my conscious steps to a better, healthier life.

I am feeling so much stronger and healthier now.  I am grateful that I found this place and will refer others in the future. Oh yeah, the other thing I liked was that she will want you to bring in your current vitamins to be evaluated, so you can use those in your daily regiment and she doesn’t push you to have to buy all her vitamins that they offer at their place.