Natural Healing Center

Michelle A.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

I started coming here a few months after having GI issues that my regular doctor, and even a GI specialist could not figure out. I went in for a CT scan, ultrasound… had all kinds of tests ran, and the doctors could find nothing. I felt like they thought I was crazy because the results to the tests would just show I was extremely healthy (I forget the exact terminology they used, but that was the gist). Anyways, I knew something was off with my body. I was scared to eat because of how I would feel after eating, and wanted to get well, so I found Natural Healing Center. They ran their tests and I was on my way to healing. Joann has been my doctor and I LOVE her! Each week I would see her, she would find the problem and assign me the supplements I needed to help me with my issue (along with diet of course), but the supplement she would find to help me with my current issue were like magic. The supplements helped so much! Joann is also very thorough in her work. She checks and double checks her work, which I appreciated. I’m at the end of my healing and am very happy with my results. I feel back to myself. There were other issues I was having that I didn’t realize I was having until I started feeling back to myself. I thought my accumulating issues (outside of my main GI issue) were because I was aging, but it had to do a lot with diet. I ate “health foods” before, but with the stuff that is put in our foods nowadays, it’s not necessarily healthy and it’s confusing to know what to eat. Joann helped me to adjust my diet to eat foods that are going to feed my body the nutrients they need to function well and heal. I will also say my sleep has improved. I used to always feel too revved up to sleep. Now, I sleep like a baby and I am able to concentrate better throughout the day as well as have the energy to get through the day. I haven’t slept like this in years! There’s so much I could share about my journey, but my review is getting very long, lol.