Natural Healing Center

Liz D.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

Meeting Shannon outside of Mothers Market was a divine appointment! My husband and I have an electric fatbike shop (Fat Bike Rentals / Fatbike HB) in Huntington Beach and she wanted to ride our bike and board. Afterwards, we spoke sports, health and God. I didn’t know she had a holistic practice. She gave me her number so we could connect in the future. About a year later I was searching Google for a naturopath. I called the number on the Google listing and her name popped up on my phone! I knew it was meant to be.
She is an amazing human who is passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. I’ve never experienced this type of noninvasive testing, but after starting my journey I noticed results right away. First result, was my breastfeeding son didn’t spit up as much and then stopped all together. I knew that this change was not only benefiting me but also my newborn. It was a win-win.
Every single person there is so warm and inviting. Shannon and Joelle are more like family members now. 🙂 The healing journey is slow, but instead of masking the pain or symptom with a drug or ointment, you get to the root cause and have long lasting results. I am very happy with my healing journey. I am still discovering how my body reacts to what I consume, but I would rather know exactly what is hurting it so that I could make a change that will heal and benefit my body for the better. Thank you Shannon for being such a light of Christ, for encouraging and praying for me, for sharing your expertise, and helping me along my holistic healing journey. Thank you Joelle for being so sweet and caring. Thank you Ingrid for being a welcoming smile. Thank you Renee for your kindness and knowledge. Thank you Joann for your assistance and gentle care. You all are amazing! Keep up the great work. I now have a family for life! God bless.