Natural Healing Center

Leslie M.

20 April 2020 // comments: 0
Shannon you are a hidden gem! I am so happy and grateful to have been referred to you. I knew using the body testing methods you use to create a natural and tailored treatment plan was right up my alley. I have been frustrated for years not knowing why I (an RN and avid health and nutrition enthusiast) had a huge deficit in energy. I couldn’t rationally legitimize my fatigue and overall depressed, lack-luster state of health. By traditional medical standards I was healthy. I am so appreciative that you helped me at the pit of my despair. I couldn’t eat!!! I had horrible intestinal  pain and spasms. I was really at a loss and didn’t know how to help myself. To get to the point I am very pleased to learn about the imbalances I was unknowingly subjecting my body to. The metal from my belly ring was disrupting the energetic health of 9 different organs. Unbelievable. My metal underwire bra was not helping. As a woman, the cost of my hormone balance was so not worth it. I have learned the importance of allowing the demands of the human body to circulate energy for health and balance. I honor this now and no longer take this demand for granted. For me this was correlated to the multiple food intolerance and under active thyroid Shannon identified. Giving my body the nutrients it was deficient in with supplements and getting rid of the metal I had been wearing for years made me feel like a million bucks :0) It was also absolutely necessary to avoid certain food as I was healing my stomach and intestines. I had forgotten what it feels like to feel vivacious and abundant in energy. I love that you showed me how to eat right for me and only me. Thank you. #Losethemetal !!