Natural Healing Center

Kaylah C.

18 August 2023 // comments: 0

I found Natural Healing Center randomly after searching on google. I immediately read the reviews and went to their website to see more about what they offered, it was exactly what I was looking for. More of a ‘natural’ approach to helping your body, instead of going through the many blood work/Food Map diets and lab work that I have done in the past- which obviously did nothing for me. I called and had about a 15 minute consultation with the office coordinator who was wonderful at answering all of my questions or any concerns I had. I didn’t commit right away, but I ended up calling back a couple of hours to set up my first appointment (which at that time you do put down a deposit).

I met with Joann and she went over everything very thoroughly, as far as what I was looking for, my expectations, and what my concerns were and how it was going to work. She suggested I do the 12 week program, which consists of meeting once a week and following a plan- not a diet plan but instead properly fueling your body with what it is showing it needs/doesn’t need. My first appointment was about an hour in a half and I literally walked out wanting to cry. The patience and deep concern she had really made me feel like she was on my side, and no other ‘doctor’ has made me feel that way.

Along the journey of my 12 weeks, I completely committed to the program. I started taking my time reading labels, took all of my supplements, and really maintained what they recommended. After all, it was my body giving us the answers. I originally went in because I was sick of feeling tired, anxious, irregular bowl movements and most importantly feeling extremely bloated after anything that I ate.

Flash forward, I am now still going to Natural Healing Center. Because I had such great results, with pretty much all of my concerns no longer existent I am on a what they call a ‘maintenance’ program. While I still follow what I was prior, but now I only have to see Joann once a month in hopes to just make sure I am still on the right path and to adjust anything that my body may need or require.

I love the office atmosphere, it’s all women (from what I’ve seen) and they all make you feel important and as if we are all on the same team. If you stay committed I really have no doubt that you will have the same great results as I have. I highly recommend!