Natural Healing Center

Jamie H.

10 September 2020 // comments: 0

I have used Natural Healing Center for various therapies over the years. I will tell you this- if you follow the recommendations, you will definitely get results (including rubbing your scars). I have regularly come in for nutrition, maintenance, and a couple parasite cleanses that aided in much needed weight loss. I had even once been cleared from a chronic virus as a result of Dr. Shannon’s protocol as well (it has never come back in over 5 years). I have met weight loss goals at times, as well as tackled past workout pain from using the Bemer (I highly recommend this technology). The Bemer is something I regularly come in for to aid in recovery, as well as sleep. Overall, this is a very high-quality clinic. Dr. Shannon is always doing her best and trying to find ways to improve her practice and efficiency. I highly recommend this center. Follow her recommendations!