Natural Healing Center

Gail L

27 September 2019 // comments: 0

The Natural Healing Center offers several methods of healing tailored to what your body wants. Shannon always makes me feel welcome and important to her.  The results of the wellness your body receives in this program causes a chain reaction helping you discover other areas of your body needing and receiving healing at the same time, coincidently.  There are 2 steps to achieving your goal and to complete graduation.

1.  Healing.
2.  Priority rearrangement.

Shannon can help you with the 1st step but the 2nd step is your responsibility.  Shannon educates you for step 2.  Graduation requires wanting to find new ways to do the same thing as before and changing your frame of mind.  I can testify to this.  Approximately 5 years ago I went to Shannon.  She helped me accomplish wellness but I didn’t follow through and take responsibility.  I “backslid” because everything was healed and as a result I returned to Shannon with the same problem.  I am determined to fully graduate this time and am learning how to take responsibility and keep body wellness my #1 priority.  There are sacrifices but the reward achieved will greatly outweigh them.  Remain well.  Educate yourself with Shannon’s help on keeping your body wellness your #1 priority.  Get with the program and stay with it.  You will be amazed!