Natural Healing Center

Dimitre M

09 December 2022 // comments: 0

06/28/2022  UPDATED REVIEW

From cancer to much better life…!

This is my third review of the Natural Healing Center in Newport Beach, California. I have been a client (patient) since September 2021.
Everything started with an unfortunate bladder cancer diagnosis in June 2021. After the surgery I was recommended immunotherapy treatment to decrease chances of re-occurrence. Faith gave me a bit more time to research my options which led me to discovering the Natural Healing Center.
After a very thorough exam and testing I adopted Dr. Shannon’s proposed treatment program.
I have mentioned in my previous reviews that I had to make some strong adjustments to my diet and educate myself on how exactly the human body works. I was ignoring some things I already knew not realizing their importance. Of course, I learned a lot more than I was ever anticipating I would know about trying to stay healthy.
I was only there to hopefully speed up my recovery, but after following the treatment for only 2-3 short weeks I couldn’t ignore the slew of positive side effects: The pains and aches which I was contributing to just getting older, often trips to the bathroom, poor sleep at night, slow start in the morning, the need of extra cup of coffee late afternoon, constant fatigue… All gone!
About 4 months after I started working with Dr. Shannon, I did a thermal imaging scan. When we went over the images and findings, there was nothing mentioned about any issues in the bladder area. Everything seemed to be clear. Can’t tell you how pleased I was with the results.
My wife came with me initially just for solidarity, but the positive changes for her were amazing. She was starting her morning with a daily sneezing attack. Just in a month or two her allergies were pretty much nonexistent. My daughter is now off her allergy medication for which she was doing liver screening to make sure the damage is acceptable (!?!)
I just completed the 9-month treatment and gladly continuing with maintenance. Just a reminder: I walked in the Natural Healing Center as a post cancer surgery patient hoping to recover. Constantly in pain: hip, knees, lower back, back muscle spasms, neck, limping, almost crippled and trying to survive. Now I can work out almost as I could in my late teens, trying to do splits, flips and somersaults… Well, it was only 4 decades ago. 😊
I would absolutely recommend the Natural Healing Center to anyone for any issues, big or small. They most likely will be able to help you. It certainly worked for myself, and my family and I look forward to continuing working with them.