Natural Healing Center

Claudia S

27 September 2019 // comments: 0

Before coming to Natural Healing Center, I hated getting up in the mornings because of all the pain I faced – severe, constant pain. I would sweat like a faucet out of the blue. The bottom of my feet hurt just to walk. I took pain medication 3 times a day, I iced my back 2-3 times a day. I was very depressed. In 16 years I never gave up, because I knew there was someone on this planet that could help me.

After coming to see Shannon and doing nutrition at Natural Healing Center I have had noticeable improvement and I look forward to starting my day with 50% less pain. Thanks to the Cellorgane Adrenal product, I have lost 55 lbs., my energy level has improved. I am now more active and my attitude has improved. Best of all, I no longer sweat like a faucet. I want to continue improving my health for the rest of my life.