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Start the New Year with Positive Thinking

03 January 2019 // comments: 0

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. If we repeat those negative thoughts, we think negative way more than we think positive thoughts and this has a significant impact on our health both physically and mentally.

Gratitude allows us to celebrate the present. Just 10 minutes a day focusing on the positive and what we are thankful for can dramatically change the way we view things and support a happy and health body. By thinking positive thoughts, we also then, attract positivity!

Look for things that you appreciate where you are. It will put you in a place of perfect allowing, even when you are not yet manifesting all that you want.

“There are many people right now experiencing the dream that is coming for me, who were at one time standing right where I’m standing. I’m right on track. There is not anything amiss here. Everything is unfolding perfectly. I am perfect where I am and gravitating to something that will satisfy me even more.”


That’s the attitude that let’s it expand.

Best Practices for Living a Life of Gratitude

“I opened two gifts today, they were my eyes.”

Zig Ziglar

It is scientifically proven that waking up in the morning and listing what you are grateful for will positively impact your day. I think we can all buy into this, but without understanding what gratitude is, many of us will shove this suggestion aside. The origin of the word gratitude is Latin and is derived from gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness. It is an appreciation for what one receives or already possesses, whether that be tangible or intangible.

But, gratitude is more than just saying what we’re thankful for around a table at dinner. It is changing the way we speak about ourselves on the daily, it is taking the time to notice and recognize the resources around us that we may take for granted, and it is applying that energy and doing something good with it.

As Pascale Edery, our Integrous Women Impact coach and founder of International Coaching says:

“Gratitude is always the first topic I introduce when I work with clients because you can transform your life by practicing gratitude daily. It is the key to happiness and the pillar of success.”

Pascale Edery

So how can we practice gratitude in our daily lives?

What are the ways in which we can connect ourselves to the ideas and things we already possess and use this energy to focus on the positive?

I’ll walk you through some ways now… Click here to read more

Article Credit: Elise Sprinkel