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Wellness Maintenance

Continued Good Health is the Goal

We congratulate our clients who earn their good health status by being pro-active in finding holistic solutions that lead to healthier behaviors and lifestyles. By working together with us to determine how you can optimize your health, you’ve achieved success in managing your health in a positive, natural way.

However, sometimes the unexpected happens, so we are here to support you as you go and encourage you to continue down the path of wellness—and continued good health.

The best medicine is teaching people holistic ways of achieving long-term good health

Stay on the path to success and protect your hard-earned health—year after year—with our monthly maintenance plan.

The Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Monthly checkups
  • Annual checkup
    • Complete body testing
    • Heart Rate Variability Test
  • 10% discount on all other healing services offered at Natural Healing Center
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