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Proof Positive For Throwing Away Your Vitamin Supplements

Proof Positive For Throwing Away Your Vitamin Supplements

According to Science Magazine, animals on synthetic vitamins dropped dead long before the animals on no synthetic vitamins.

The Vitamins in Medicine warns against doses in excess of 10 mg of vitamin B1 because they were not metabolized and were excreted unchanged in the urine.

The American Academy of Applied Nutrition found that animals fed enriched bread lived 10% shorter lives than those fed un-enriched bread.

The New England Journal of Medicine cited that babies of women who consumed 10,000 I.U of vitamin A from supplements had a 240% increase in birth defects.

The New England Journal of Medicine showed that men taking beta-carotene supplements had an 18% higher incidence of lung cancer, more heart attacks and an 8% higher overall death rate.

These same men who were taking vitamin E supplements had more strokes from bleeding in the brain.

A four year study at Dartmouth showed no colon cancer protection when taking synthetic anti-oxidant vitamins.

New England Journal of Medicine reports that elderly people taking a synthetic multi-vitamins did not benefit with their complaints of muscle weakness and physical tiredness.

British Journal of Chemistry and Physiology reports that ascorbic acid (vitamin C) injections did not improve intestinal disease.

A study at the University of California at Berkeley noted that administration of synthetic vitamins to dogs caused a worse state of health than pure starvation.

Journal of Nutrition noted that sterility occurred in rats given synthetic B1 vitamins. It also often causes hyperthyroidism according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

One of the most perilous deceptions is the passing off on a gullible public, phony, synthetic vitamins and preaching THAT

THE BODY DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. At the very best, synthetic vitamins can function in the body as a DRUG OR PHARMACEUTICAL AGENT; certainly not as a natural nutrient.

Real vitamins must come from food. Go withthe ONLY vitamin company who has ALWAYS used food based nutrients and not synthetic vitamins. YOUR HEALTH DEPENDS ON IT!!!