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Active scars on the body can sometimes result in interference to the communication pathways from organs to the brain.  It is estimated that about 80% of our sympathetic nerve fibers are in the skin.  If these scars are acting as a roadblock to these communication pathways, then health can be adversely affected.  The meridian system is the circuit of our body. Think of it as an electrical circuit.  If you turn on a light switch, the light should go on.  If it flickers, there is something impacting that circuit.  If it doesn’t come on at all, there is a break in the circuit.  By giving the active scar what it needs to heal, the circuit is no longer interfered with and can operate properly.

When scars cross a meridian or lie along its course, the scar impacts the electrical flow throughout that meridian.  Even small scars (especially along the midline of the body) can have a serious effect.  C-section, episiotomy, circumcision and vasectomy scars, and even the navel are examples of scars on the midline of the body. Holes in the body such as pierced navels, nose rings, pierced ears, and tongue rings are scars.  Navel rings almost always have a negative effect, as they not only cross and disrupt the energy flow, but also because they are metal, they have an electromagnetic effect.  Usually, this jewelry must be removed, and the piercing should be treated as a scar. 

Tattoos, stretch marks, burns and even childhood scrapes on the knees can also have this effect.

To treat, spray with Asea Redox Supplement (empty contents into the blue jar, then spray).  In the case of more difficult scars, rub them with the Asea Renu 28 gelSpray or gel twice a day – in the morning upon rising and in the evening before bed.

If scars are painful to the touch, lay hand on scar softly and breathe deeply to release pain.  Rubbing scars can also cause a release of electrical impulses (like fireworks) which can go anywhere around the body. It’s ok.  Just hold the tingling spot and breathe deeply until it stops.

Dermatrophin PMG provides skin the extra support it needs to heal.  It supports healthy skin and connective tissue, providing a unique profile of minerals, nucleotides and peptides.

Asea Redox Supplement Athletic Pouch

Ombre Glass Bottle 4oz

Asea Renu 28 Gel 

The Truth About Scars and Roadblocks to Healing

3475 Dermatrophin PMG 90C

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