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Breathe Easy Asthma Kit $98.45

We take a multi-faceted approach to Asthma and look at the body as a whole. 

Allerplex supports the body’s ability to handle seasonal and environmental changes.  It supports the body’s natural ability to manage mucus movement and supports healthy liver, lung and respiratory function. 

Emphaplex supports the respiratory system helping the body in its natural ability to expel respiratory secretions.  It also supports the central nervous system function. 

Drenamin supports adrenal function and helps maintain emotional balance.  This encourages a healthy response to everyday environmental stresses and supports the immune system response function. 

Zypan supports healthy digestion which is needed for optimal performance.

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1000 Allerplex 150C

3950 Emphaplex 90C

3650 Drenamin 90T

8430 Zypan 90T

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