Natural Healing Center
Trish Reiland
Energy Wellness Practitioner

Trish has been a natural health practitioner for over twenty-five years, in Certified Nutrition, Licensed Massage Therapy and Energy Healing.

Embodying and teaching the delights of mindful living practices along the way.

It was from the diagnosis of a debilitating health condition that significantly impacted her perspective and approach to her health and wellness, initiating her into the world of natural health, nutrition and healing modalities. Nutrition Response Testing has been a central focus of her healthcare for thirty years.

Trish’s personal healing journey inspires her passion for healthy, conscious living with emphasis on emotional, spiritual and energy wellness (Emotion Code, Energy Medicine, Emotional Freeing Technique).

Her healing journey affirms her soul’s purpose. Offering sincere, meaningful connection with others, guiding them on their own healing journey to peace and wellness.

In addition to spending time with friends and family, her favorite enjoyments are listening to music, basking in sunshine at the ocean, capturing images of nature, roller skating on the boardwalk, exploring new places and lying about, in stillness and rest!

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