Natural Healing Center
Jade Chiu
Associate Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Emotion Code Practitioner

After spending time volunteering and working for various children’s hospitals Jade recognized the importance of cultivating the “trifecta” of wellness; healing the mental, physical, and spiritual components of one’s health. She felt a calling for helping others, especially children and their families, through a more natural facet while supporting one’s mental state of being. She believes that all patients should have their voices heard with the collaboration of health practitioners to meet their needs and thrive.

Jade has a passion for herbology which stems from her childhood days assisting her grandmother in creating concoctions in the kitchen. Jade has received her Bachelor’s in Child Development and Bachelors in Family Life Education. Following her excitement for alternative healing modalities, she received her Emotion Code Certification while continuing her education of herbology and Nutrition Response Testing. Jade loves collaborating with clients to feel empowered through understanding one’s body, emotional support, and mindful practices.

During her free time, Jade loves utilizing her Certificate in Pastry and Baking by creating healthy, yummy treats for her friends and family. She can also be found rock climbing, hiking, or meditating in nature.

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