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Are you struggling with the battle of major wellness issues or just need help improving your overall lifestyle and health? Natural remedies are becoming an increasingly popular option as treatment for a number of issues, whether it be weight loss, asthma, fighting the flu or viruses, sports injuries, or even more serious conditions like cancer. At Natural Healing Center in Newport Beach our mission is to get to the root cause of the problem. Our nutrition response testing is a popular first step for those looking for quick results to common ailments. Our primary natural protocols are sourced from Standard Process, who manufacture all food supplements from natural resources – they are gluten free and of high potency by nature.

Visiting Us In Orange County, California

Our main head office is located in Newport Beach, Orange County. Orange County is located within the Los Angeles metropolitan area in the state of California – as of the 2010 census Orange County had a population of 3,010,232 people making it the third most populated county in all of California. The four largest cities within the county are Anaheim, Santa, and Irvine, and Huntington Beach. The rest of the area is comprised of suburbs and the county is also home to a number of Fortune 500 companies covering many different industries. 

Anti-Aging Treatments & Prevention Plans

Do you spend your time trying to reverse with signs of aging or associated health conditions with minimal results? Our custom-tailored wellness programs can help you achieve the results you’ve been searching for. For starters, the median age of Orange county is 38, meaning a large portion of the population can benefit from our anti-aging treatments. As we age not only do we experience cosmetic woes but also health issues that begin to creep into our daily lives. Something as simple as toxins in the body can cause a myriad of issues from ulcers to tumors, arthritis and possible yeast infections. Learn about your body and best natural methods to help reduce the impact of aging – so you can live a better lifestyle.  

Natural Remedies for The Whole Community

Are you or a loved one a highly competitive athlete looking for an edge over the competition? Professional athletes and sports players of all ages can benefit from our comprehensive athletics-oriented treatments. The largest universities in the area are California State University Fullerton as well as University of California Irvine. Both state universities have excellent athletic scholarship programs which means those college athletes can benefit from our athletic performance enhancement treatments. Orange County has many other populations that can benefit from our comprehensive list of treatments – for example, the county also has a population of well over 70,000 veterans, some of whom may be able to benefit from our stress-relieving nutrition response testing.

Overly stressed at work and feeling the effects? Some of the most stressful industries dominate the job market in Orange County and effects of stress can often lead to symptoms and toxins building up in the body. Just a few of the industries that can benefit from the treatment of a naturopath include healthcare and social assistance which make up 11.2% of the workforce, manufacturing which comprises 11.6% of all employment, retail trade which comprises 10.5% of all jobs, and professional, scientific, and technical services which weighs in at 9.57% of the total workforce.

Prevention Is Better Than CureOrange County also features some of the best places to hike, practice yoga, and experience the outdoor beauty of California. Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove, and Newport beach all offer excellent exercise and outdoor activities such as kayaking and surfing. Overall, it’s a great area to pursue a healthy well-rounded lifestyle, and for those who need an extra boost or are struggling to achieve their goals, the wellness experts at The Natural Healing Center can offer help in the form of a myriad of different services. For more information about our detox, nutrition response testing, anti-aging, or weight-loss programs, contact us HERE today.

Orange County Naturopath & Natural Remedies
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