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Natural Stress Relief | 10 Ways to Achieve Your Zen

28 May 2020 // comments: 0

When it comes to stress relief, many sufferers of stress and anxiety choose to adhere to the common methods outlined by western medicine and culture. If you’re experiencing negative side effects or not finding that these common solutions are working to relieve your stress, we’re here to tell you that there are some holistic and natural solutions, some dating back thousands of years.

Nutrition Response Testing

Our process of nutrition response testing is designed to work in tandem with many of our other treatment options, but the benefits of these techniques working hand in hand with one another has an excellent rate of success. By using whole foods, dietary analysis, and other detoxification methods, we’re able to reduce a number of symptoms such as chronic pain, digestive problems, fatigue, arthritis, and much more including anxiety.

Quit Drinking Coffee!

Coffee addiction is a huge factor in stress and sleep. By quitting coffee cold turkey you can restore the natural functions of the body and naturally reduce the effects of anxiety. Especially if you’re currently drinking coffee that is non-organic there’s a high likelihood that there are a number of other chemicals contained in your coffee ground. Once you’re no longer reliant on caffeine for normal function you’ll find that you can achieve the same wakefulness naturally or by utilizing vitamin supplements that promote wakefulness and energy.

These are just a couple of ways to overcome stress in a time when anxiety conditions that may have been present are agitated by stay at home orders. In addition to these treatments, therapies, and remedies, venturing outside and going for walks while breathing in fresh oxygen is sure to stimulate the body and help relieve some of the effects of a temporarily sedentary lifestyle.

Detox Foot Bath

A detox footbath provides many other benefits in addition to stress relief. Because the process detoxifies harmful toxins from the body it has the ability to regulate the liver, kidney, and relieve pain and tension. In addition to improving circulation, restfulness, and overall energy, it also helps all of the systems of your body to function more effectively leading to a natural stress relief.

Therapeutic Massage

Targeted therapeutic massages are one of the best ways to naturally relieve stress and restore natural functions of the body. We combine traditional and modern massage techniques to reduce chronic pain, muscular tension, and reduce or eliminate stress. Another result of specialized massage is an improvement in circulation, joint mobility, lymphatic drainage, and general rehabilitation. Ask about our acupressure technique and find out about this ancient traditional Chinese method dating back thousands of years.

NovoTHOR PMB Therapy

NovoTHOR is an innovative whole body light therapy machine that utilized near-infrared light to treat and alleviate a number of conditions. While it can assist with problems such as injuries, chronic pain, and muscle pain, it also increases blood circulation and in turn treats stress in a non-invasive and natural way.

Maxx 02 Oxygen Therapy

Our oxygen process involves exercising while breathing in fresh oxygen. The treatment called EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) improves circulation, assists in blood flow and circulatory health, and acts as a huge benefit for anxiety symptoms. Other benefits of the therapy is ATP production, pain relief, improved capillary health, and a boost to immunity.


This unique treatment stimulated microvessels in the body leading to enhanced blood flow, cardiac function, endurance, chronic pain management, and ultimately stress relief and improved concentration. When combined with the two above treatments the regimen becomes the ‘Superhuman Protocol’ and is one of the best comprehensive treatments for stress relief.

Min Tran

This is a vegetarian mineral supplement that support a calm emotional balance. It helps ease stress and regulates mood by supporting the actions of neurotransmitters. It’s a perfect solutions for those who may often cry and suffer from intense anxiety. It contains a blend of calcium, iodine, and magnesium, and was developed and manufactured by an industry leader in whole food nutrient solutions. The brand that we carry and recommend, Standard Process, has been in business since 1929.

Organically Bound

Organically bound is another incredible and helpful supplement developed by Standard Process. It aids in encouraging healthy enzyme function, promotes healthy connective tissue, and helps to maintain proper cellular energy production. It contains a blend of organic ingredients that support nervous system health and promotes healthy thyroid function. This powerful combination of iodine, kelp, alfalfa, and organic honey has a naturally calming effect on individuals that suffer from stress and anxiety.

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Natural Stress Relief | 10 Ways to Achieve Your Zen
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Natural Stress Relief | 10 Ways to Achieve Your Zen
Suffering from stress and anxiety is a lot more common than you might think. Read on to find out how you can achieve relaxation using proven and natural methods. If you’re experiencing negative side effects or not finding that these common solutions are working to relieve your stress, we’re here to tell you that there are some holistic and natural solutions, some dating back thousands of years.
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