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Natural Healing and Remedies Brea

Nestled in Orange County, Brea is a lively community that emphasizes wellness and holistic living. With a population of approximately 45,000 residents, Brea offers a fantastic landscape for health and wellness businesses, reflecting the city’s commitment to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The median home purchase price here exceeds $700,000, indicating a community with an economic backdrop to invest in their health and well-being.


In Brea, where health and wellness are woven into the fabric of the community, the demand for services like those offered at the Natural Healing Center is significant. The city not only supports a lifestyle that includes holistic health practices but also houses a considerable number of individuals and families looking for natural ways to manage and improve their health. This is particularly appealing to those who face chronic health issues such as headaches, inflammation, muscle tension, and more, which are often addressed through our specialized natural healing services.


At the Natural Healing Center, we are on a mission to make natural healing more accessible, drawing on the personal experiences of our founders, Shannon and Renee, who have both transformed their lives through holistic health practices. Our center offers a variety of treatments that go beyond temporary fixes, providing lasting solutions that enhance overall well-being. From nutrition response testing and allergy desensitization to innovative therapies like NovoTHOR PBM and BEMER PEMF, we are equipped to tackle a wide range of health issues naturally. Located just a short distance from Brea, we extend our services to all who seek a path to recovery and vibrant health through natural means. At the Natural Healing Center, our team can help support your health with the following services:

Our clinic is designed to serve those looking for an integrative approach to their health issues, focusing on the root causes rather than just symptoms. As Brea continues to grow as a hub for wellness-oriented families and individuals, Natural Healing Center is here to support each person’s journey toward optimal health with empathy, expertise, and effective natural therapies.

*A Naturopath is not a Doctor of Naturopathy licensed in the State of CA to provide licensed services in the healing arts.