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Recent Trends: Can My Body Heal Naturally?

07 March 2022 // comments: 0

For all the benefits that traditional medicine can deliver, it doesn’t always provide the help patients need when the cause of their symptoms isn’t something that can be easily measured with a lab test or an X-ray. While this has always been a problem, in recent times we’re seeing more people with troubling, persistent symptoms that the medical system isn’t able to help them address.

Often these symptoms fall into a category known as “nonspecific”—symptoms that a patient reports, but that can’t be observed. This doesn’t mean they’re not real. Quite the contrary. A client’s experience is a critical part of understanding their state of wellness, and how they describe the feeling is not something to be discounted just because it doesn’t register on a thermometer or can’t be read on a scan.

The Gaps in Traditional Medicine

When someone is dealing with symptoms that don’t point to an obvious cause, the result can be a series of ongoing tests with negative or inconclusive results, referrals to specialists without any solutions, and growing frustration. Between healthcare practitioners who are strapped for time and specialists whose understanding is focused on narrow areas of expertise, patients get lost in the cracks, suffering without the hope of relief.

In desperation, sometimes they end up going to the emergency room or to urgent care when their symptoms become too much to deal with, only to be released again with no answers. In a system that has evolved to treat problems after they’ve occurred instead of building wellness to prevent them in the first place, this is a common story.

Growing Problems

More and more we’re seeing clients with symptoms that are hard to quantify but which make daily living a struggle. Some of them would be categorized as mental: feeling down or depressed, dealing with brain fog that interferes with concentration or completing tasks, or uncontrollable stress that provokes anxiety. Others manifest as a physical sensation, such as the feeling of heart palpitation or fluttering, or having trouble walking in the absence of a clear injury.

When bloodwork or medical exams fail to uncover any cause for these symptoms, patients often feel helpless. Maybe they’ve been prescribed medication that doesn’t help, or that comes with unwelcome side effects. Maybe it’s been suggested that given time, the symptoms will simply go away. In the meantime, pain, fatigue, and mental anguish persist, distancing the patient further from the health they once enjoyed.

At the Natural Healing Center, we don’t believe this is a way anyone should live. We’re here to help you find your way to restored wellness by helping your body heal itself.

The Power of Holistic Natural Care

When medicine is focused on identifying and fixing problems, usually by the quickest pharmaceutical method available, it misses the root causes that can connect symptoms that may not seem to be related. Getting to the bottom of those underlying conditions takes time and attention that even the most caring doctor usually can’t provide.

The Natural Healing Center was founded by people who’ve been exactly where you are now: suffering from symptoms that their doctors couldn’t explain and couldn’t fix. The answer was not more medicine or more surgery. Instead, our breakthrough came from natural healing techniques and whole-food nutrition that harnesses the body’s ability to heal itself, allowing us to reclaim the wellness we weren’t sure we would ever see again. Our mission is to share what we learned and experienced with clients in need of hope and healing.

Treating the Whole Person

The variety of healing modalities we use is designed to support your physical and mental well-being as a unified whole. Most importantly, we consider the symptoms you’re experiencing as a part of an in-depth, integrated approach that takes the time to get to the bottom of your symptoms and devise an individualized wellness plan that’s right for you.

We’re here to guide you through your journey to better health. If you’re ready to get the help you need, contact us here to schedule a free introductory consultation.

Recent Trends: Can My Body Heal Naturally?
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Recent Trends: Can My Body Heal Naturally?
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