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Choose Safer Vaccines to Lower Risk for Vaccine Injury

26 January 2019 // comments: 0


Many moms are torn with the burning question of should I vaccinate my children or shouldn’t I.

Here are tips on how to choose safer vaccines to lower the risk of vaccine injury.

Select vaccines without:

  • neurotoxic, nephrotoxic or ototoxic ingredients
  • heavy metals
  • food proteins
  • animal or human DNA, tissue or blood serum proteins
  • known carcinogens

When vaccine injury or vaccine adverse event reaction occurs, immediately:

  • Report it to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
  • Contact a Vaccine Injury Lawyer
  • Obtain a medical exemption for the injured child
  • Work closely with your natural health practitioner for adjuvant detox support

Wondering how you can get protection yet avoid toxic vaccines?

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